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We are a dedicated team of developers, designers, artists, programmers, and most importantly gaming enthusiasts. Our goal is to develop fun and interesting games and apps for all the possible platforms including VR, PC, mobile and console.

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We pride ourselves in delivering rich and polished experiences that our fanbase can enjoy and immerse themselve into.

Zombie War Apocalypse

Action | Mobile

What are you waiting for? Don't idle around. Choose your weapons, upgrade your character and start fighting in this war! Read More

Math Master

Education | Mobile

Proudly presented on GameKeys.net as one of the top games to tryout in october 2021. With a blend of logical problems, Math Master will raise your IQ. Challenge yourself with several levels of math games to push your mental boundaries. Brain games are created in the style of an interview exam. Read More

Ziggy Ball

Casual | Mobile

Tap the screen to change the direction of the ball and try not to fall off the edges. You can customize the game as much as you like! Don't forget to post the score in the leaderboard! Read More

Fairy Tale Adventures

Casual | Mobile

With your favorite childhood characters, explore the magical realm of fairy tales. An infinite runner made specifically for children, complete with realistic sounds and high-quality graphics. Touch on the screen to jump, avoid obstacles and collect stars! Read More


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